Open letter to whomsoever may concern in SBI for customer relation


Rude behaviour of SBI will cost the firm for sure. Employees are really in need of proper customer friendly training.

Let me tell you about my harrowing experience with Kalavoor branch, SBI. The lady who was sitting next to the manager’s cabin really made me think that I went to the bank to beg for MY money. On another note, I remember the behaviour of these same bank persons who came to me with a request of starting this same account. They were cheesy with their humble requests to get their work done. But today this particular employee was very much reluctant to give any help or answering my queries.  I don’t want to measure all employee’s behaviour as such, but this was really depressing.  There were many who helped me with my early banking days But yes, a lot of them need training in their customer handling capability.

 I’m sure there are several people out there who also had this experience over there at SBI. Do these employees really need in how to deal with customers?

 Some statistics saying that most of the daily basis customers of SBI are students and pensioners. So are you people taking us for granted? do you people really think that we owe you something? See, in my personal case, after retirement I’m doing my own business and I have engagements related to that. But today just because of this arrogant behaviour I couldn’t fix my work.   Who will give me that time back? I guess we are forced to go through this conditioned procedures of waiting. lemme tell you a joke by the way, ‘The average person spends 45 to 62 minutes a day just waiting’; this might be meant for SBI. Yes, I do understand that there are umpteen customers who are there and it’s not easy to handle everybody at a shot, but we are still expecting some dignity, are we asking too much?

 Let’s compare this with a private bank.  Then you would have definitely felt that warm welcome. Alteast in most of the banks.

 The lack of job security in many private firms makes them work in a way to attract many customers. People in a ‘settled’ job like SBI never really care. They get paid if you are satisfied or not. There will a Customer Relation officer who will be often find missing and any complaints will often go like a blow into the deaf ears.

 On the web, I found that there was an internal communication long back by SBI chairperson that all complaints should be solved within 48 hours. But I really feel that all these are just part of the exercise and nobody even care about all that. Mr current  Chairperson, do you have any plan to fix this ? or are you ready to face the same situation that I faced after retirement? Or are you expecting some other to deal with this ‘silly’ customer relation problem?

 Anyways, I strongly believe it’s my right to get treated well there at a Sarkari bank and get my work done without facing these rude behaviours.

 But I don’t think training alone can make them do that. Just try saying, “you could also say that politely” with a smile. That could save someone’s mood. It is the customer relations team that need to be trained properly.

 Anyways, I am optimistically looking forward to better banking experience with SBI

Managing Director’s note


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